Update: The testing of the CCFL wasn't a simple matter, just not so many pictures were taken of it. (like zero) So my friend Tyler Wilson wants it noted that in our testing of the inverter for the UV lamps he had some good old fashion electrocution. Yes he is also an Mechanical engineer like me, but our motto is that if something isn't going wrong then your not having fun.

My very wonderful cousin gave me an old 17" LCD made by the company GEM (I don't know who they are) which was making a big racket with squealing. I knew it was the backlight so I said I'd take it knowing that to get it repaired by a pro would cost 30-60 for the inverter and a few hours of labour. Being A poor student that wasn't going to happen but I knew it was a decent panel and wanted a second monitor for my laptop.

So I decided to see if I could drive the existing CCFL's with a Computer UV CCFL kit and barring that would try LED's (Which are salvaged from Princess Auto Head Lamps).

First thing to do is disassemble the monitor. Here you can see the diffuser assembly separated from the panel assembly (made by acer)

Be very careful of this side ribbon, undo it when seperating the diffuser from the panel. If you rip it, just throw out the LCD because it just became no longer worth it. Joking - But seriously, really hard to fix

Just the unfolded assembly on my nice static filled bed.

The inverter on the left will do the quick start of the CCFL but won't keep it going meaning it needs replacement. However the CCFL's hissed when testing so they are dying to, hence LED solution to follow.

So the diffuser assembly needs dissassembly

Horray, got the stupid plastic thing off.

The diffusion plastic layers and the Plexiglas diffuser. Now how do i get off the CCFL's?... Little prying worked!

Diffuser sheets!


And off it comes!

So Here is what I have then. (upside down) The white diffuse background along with little white dots on the plexi-glass.. For you guessed it. More Diffusion!

Ready the First backlight - A Duracell Keychain LED light

Hey. It works! Well kind of... Versus the Black I was seeing before this is a big improvement. Astro you rock!

More light needed to test with!

Note the LCD is upside down on the diffuser assembly. I need to fit the LED's where the CCFL's were - A big challenge

So Now wee need more LED's. Princess Auto your my hero!

$6.88 for each, with 8 LED's in each.. All tested and working. 5 In total for 40 LED's to be used. 20 on top and bottom.

Disassembly of head lamps!

Cut the Ground (well groundish!) wire!

And get the CCFL's outta their!

I need to recovered the rubber nubs to use as standoffs latter

Cut the incoming lines...

And push them out!

See, shinny inside, means less light loss

Start your drills and drill lots of holes for the LED's

Remember to charge you drill or like me, after 2 holes you have to put it on charge

Lots of holes, put the reflector back on the Plexiglas diffuser

Better view, notice the advil in the background, needed latter on

All the LED's have been super glued in!





Doing a test!

Astro your still my Hero!



Epoxying over the snipped LED ends!


See the globs, so it don't short!






Covered LED's also with electical tape!

More View!

And put the LCD on the front and the boards around the back

Front view

Tape the Back board in place

A bad test image!


Picture above and below have same exposure settings, notice the LED is not as bright. Also note that 9 LED's out of the 40 Died and because I super glued them in I can't get them out. One also exploded due to an accidental over volt. Shot me in the Chest. Panel okay though


Some LED's were angled to high. Try and Keep them Perpendicular.

Most of these above were perpendicular or directly in so they didn't streak as much. Not to noticeable though unless on a solid background.

Lights off and watching a movie. In dark it's an okay movie monitor and okay secondary.