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Keith Hack Blog

This place needs an update, so I'm moving to a blog format!

The OS power meter V2 and V3 will be appearing shortly on it.

Model Complexity Requirements in Design of Half Car Active Suspension Controllers Paper that will be published in the coming months in either IMECE or DSC proceedings, depending on conference acceptance
Cycle Trainer Software

Train with power without a power meter (or with)

Have a computer yell at you to push harder

Open Source Bike Power Meter

SRM, Quarq, Cycle Ops, etc...

How about open source and not 2-4 thousand dollars?

Convocation Pictures

Convocations pictures of Me, Steve, Laz, and Tang

Steve HiRes

Keith HiRes

Mini Baja Related Anything intended for the Mini Baja Memorial Team
Keith's Pictures of Cycle Trip Log Book Style!
My Blog for while in Europe.

It's obvious isn't it!!!

After the PEGNL Luncheon I was Volun-told that I would be taking the class photo...... I get stressed under pressure!

Project course related to conversion of a gasoline engine model to hydrogen to predict power output on a new fuel

UPDATE: Done, Works, final report. Maybe I'll improve it when I get a chance but the course is over. Thank you Dr. Hookey and Dr. Krouglicof.

Chassis Design Book, working copy

Jan 13, 2009 - Revision 1.0, does not have a lot of what I want in it though

Barchetta - FM2

Barchetta - FM2, Angular Monocoque Car.

Currently Shelved while doing masters program.

K1 Electric supercar

Super Car project to help me get into auto engineering industry


Some galleries are up, some are not.

LCD Back light conversion

Converting a backlight broken LCD into LED backlight

Update: Yes I didn't use "drivers" for the LEDs, I knew I was wiring them wrong, and I know I could have filed them down. The real problem was that you need even brighter LED's because the two rows had very little effect on brightness versus one.

Status: It fell over, ripped a ribbon cable and then got thrown out, was fun though :)

Paper's Digital Cinema Extensions For SMPTE 292 Bit-Serial Digital Interface

Update: Cancelled, My involvement with regard to video interfaces in on a long term hold


Motion Tracking for Scientific applications with Peak Motus

Status: Finished 2D tracking, needed to Expand 3D but no time

Compression tests 4:4:4 Achriving compression tests
x264 compression
x264 log
Test Video
If you know of any h.264 codec / compressor / etc that supports FRext with Hi422P or Hi444P please email me.

Or if  you know of any Mpeg4 codec's that support studio profile - This is pretty much what HD CAM SR uses, please email me

Resume Currently a Masters Student starting in Sept 2009 under Dr. Geoff Rideout, Memorial University